Rome: Total War - Alexander

Rome: Total War - Alexander 1.9

Rome Total War - Alexander- is developed by The Creative Assembly

Rome Total War - Alexander - is an expansion of Rome Total War, both developed by The Creative Assembly.
This expansion provides the same thing but with a different historical location.
The ancient world is a source of inspiration, great battles, alliances with other towns and greed, are the elements that are inside of every empire.
In this case you will be in the Punic Wars, between 336 BC and 323 BC they are very famous because Alexander The Great was in charge. Your enemy is the Persian Empire. You must conquer the Persian Empire to bring peace to Rome. You will direct Alexander´s army.

As in the previous version, you will have a map which is very helpful, it has the cities, the fields, and more things. In the fighting is not enough to direct your units to the enemies, if you make it like that, you will end up with hundreds of corpses scattered around the map. You will have to position and manage your units to victory.

Graphics and sound
The scenarios in which the battles are developed are extremely varied. The environment is very realistic, the designers have paid much attention to details. The sound effects are quite good. The soundtrack is very good.

In conclusion, if you like ancient battles this is your game.

María Noel Balla
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